Changing ceiling tiles is MMM MMM good at Campbell’s Soup Headquarters.

This is one of those, once in a lifetime, cool jobs that you just have to brag about.  Superior Scaffold was called out to the Campbell’s Soup Worldwide Headquarters in Camden, NJ to rig a special scaffolding in the boardroom.

Campbell's Soup, Andy Warhol, superior scaffold, 8916

This is the same boardroom where one of  the original Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Can paintings lives.
Andy Warhol campbell's soup can

And even cooler was the job.  We had to come up with system to allow crews to change the ceiling tiles over the handmade wood table that resides in the boardroom.  Sounds simple, right?  Not really.  The table is 8 feet wide by 30 feet long and could not be moved.  It was hand picked by the Dorrance family (heir to the Campbell fortune) and cost over $100,000.

Campbell's Soup, Andy Warhol, superior scaffold, 8841  Campbell's Soup, Andy Warhol, superior scaffold,0688

Needless to say, they needed a company with a history of preserving priceless artifacts to erect scaffolding around this table without causing any damage.

Campbell's Soup, Andy Warhol, superior scaffold 316

The table was first protected with poly, then foam, and then plywood as a precaution.

Campbell's Soup, Andy Warhol, superior scaffold, 4232

Superior built scaffold over and around the table using 2 foot wide X 34’ long towers on either side and then connected them with 10’ trusses.  This made a solid platform.  “Then we decked it in solid – so the crews would have a nice safe place to work,” said Superior estimator, Pat McAndrew.

They decided to install long life light bulbs while they were up there.

The job came off without a hitch and the Warhol is back presiding over the elegant table (with new lighting and ceiling tiles in place).

And just for fun – I couldn’t resist:

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