Superior has built one of the best safety records in the industry while erecting scaffolding and shoring systems throughout the East coast.
(PA, NJ, DE, MD, NY, VA)

Since we work in multiple states, an individual state’s EMR rating does not yield a companywide rating. We perform an analysis of our EMR usage to calculate a Blended EMR, which is provided below.

Calculation methodology: Total payroll dollars are factored by the individual rate on a state-by-state basis. The weighted results are summed to provide a true company-wide EMR.

  2014 2015
PA 0.936 0.711
NJ 0.731 0.711
DE 0.973 0.977
Blended 0.890 0.716

Download our documentation for safety practices and guidelines in PDF format.

Code of Safe Practices (PDF 327k)
MCWP General Guidlines (PDF 1.6MB)


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You all were really terrific – I was really impressed with all the guys in the field – their interest, care and courtesy – and willingness to work with us. Very much appreciated.

— Susan Smythe, ADA Program Manager/Senior Project Manager, Facilities Management Department, Swarthmore College