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Hanging Bridge Platform, Cherry Hill, NJ

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Superior was called in to provide a very unique way to get beneath this bridge to make repairs. Instead of anchoring a barge in the water beneath the bridge, or parking a giant truck with a bridge inspection bucket (like a cherry picker with a platform) above it we chose to suspend a platform from the steel beams and girders beneath the bridge itself.

The brackets hold the weight of the scaffold platform beneath it and all of the workers, equipment, and parts necessary to make the repairs. It’s effective way to get beneath this structure.

By doing this, entire crews can work beneath the bridge without being limited to a small platform on a bucket truck. For instance, on this job, crews are removing and repairing large sections of pipe over the river. This hanging platform system prevents leakage into the water below and allows for much greater mobility. It also allows the bridge and waterway to remain open for business as usual.