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The Pierre Hotel

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The Pierre is a luxury hotel located in Manhattan, New York City, facing Central Park. The hotel opened in 1930, and stands 160 meters tall. It has the distinction of being featured in many moves and tv shows (from Scent of a Woman, Meet Joe Black, Sopranos & CSI).

Superior was called into provide the Swing Stages for crews to replace and repoint the grout on the beautiful structure. Superior provided 7 Altrex suspended platforms powered by Power Climber PC1000E hoists to aid in the restoration.

The challenge was getting all of the rigging through the world’s most expensive tri-plex apartment on the top floors and rigged without damaging a thing. The $70 Million apartment, owned by investor Martin Zweig wasn’t disturbed in the process. Superior took the utmost care in delivering and assembling the rigging so the work could be done.