Superior scaffolds HQ Nightclub at Revel Resort & Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

In a move only reserved for mythological creatures, the Revel on Atlantic City’s boardwalk has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes of a shattered economy.  As the only remaining project (out of 4 similar) to survive the doldrums of a recession – it’s now poised to become the centerpiece of the boardwalk. Scaffolding, rental, sales, service (215) 743-2200 With an infusion of cash ($1.7 Billion from China) construction has moved full steam ahead.  The project, which was mothballed almost two years ago has been given new life and is almost at full capacity.  The history of how this job was constructed, then abandoned, and then reborn is one of epic proportions.  (See details here). Scaffolding, rental, sales, service (215) 743-2200, Superior Scaffold was called in to help the HQ Nightclub (a 40,000 Square foot venue – see details below) because of our experience erecting unique scaffolding layouts in the shortest time possible,” said estimator and salesman extraordinaire, Anthony Pini. Scaffolding rental, sales, service, (215) 743-2200,   Scaffolding Rentals, sales, service, (215) 743-2200,   Scaffolding, Rental, Service, Sales, (215) 743-2200, There were several major challenges to this task.  The first was to erect system scaffold inside the 4 story oval staircase inside the prestigious nightclub.  Superior had to strategically place scaffolding around the inside perimeter of the oval shaped structure up all 4 floors.  And it had to allow 100% access for dry-wallers, tapers, painters, electricians, and plumbers to do their work simultaneously. Superior Scaffold, Scaffolding Rental, sales, service, (215) 743-2200,   Scaffolding Rental, service, sales, (215) 743-2200, The second challenge was that all of the equipment for the job was to be loaded in through a small hatch on the roof using a crane.  If you look carefully at the top of the glass oval structure in the right photo you can see the gray building that houses the HQ nightclub on top. Scaffolding rental, sales, service, (215) 743-2200,   Superior Scaffold, Scaffolding, Sales, service, rentals (215) 743-2200, Superior Scaffold, Scaffolding, Sales, service, rentals (215) 743-2200,  Superior Scaffold, Scaffolding, Sales, service, rentals (215) 743-2200, And the third was that the entire job had to be done in less than 5 working days. All of which Superior met, on deadline and within budget. Here is a bit about the HQ Nightclub and their owners Angel Management Group. The HQ Nightclub, is a stunning, adult-only nightlife party venue located at the top of the Revel. It offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, beach, Boardwalk, and Atlantic City skyline.  The 40,000-square-foot venue will consist of four distinct levels, each exuding a different ambiance within a unique setting. From the chic candlelit library bar on the ground floor, complete with gaming tables and billiards, to the club’s main floor which features a state-of-the-art performance area, up to the sleek rooftop bar that offers impeccable panoramic views, HQ Nightclub offers a lavish nightlife experience for elite guests that will ignite their senses.  Or read the entire article here. Here is a video clip of the Revel.  It’s not the greatest but you can see the scope of the project.

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