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Superior Scaffold Shoring up the Mid-Atlantic

Can you say needle beam?  I just love that word.  Needle beam, needle beam, needle beam.

Did one just appear?

It did.  (See the photos below.)

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That is a needle beam.  I know, like me, you probably thought it would resemble an actual needle but no.  It’s just a term that the engineers like to throw around loosely anytime a beam needs to be put through something for support.

scaffold rental, scaffolding rental, shoring rental, PA, NJ, DE, MD

Here’s the actual definition of needle beam from the free dictionary:  in shoring, the horizontal cross timber which goes through the wall or a pier, and upon which the weight of the wall rests, when a building is shored up to allow of alterations in the lower part.

Well that makes sense.  So now look at the picture.  You see the needle beams?

scaffold rental, scaffolding rental, shoring rental, PA, NJ, DE, MD

A store in the Hillview Shopping Center in Cherry Hill, NJ wanted to expand the front entrance to their building so the call went out to Superior Scaffold, who are experts with all things shoring by the way (shameless plug).  So the grand wizard of engineering, Bob Robinson, devised this nifty bit of shoring using 20 kip heavy duty post shores to support the exterior walls with needle beams sticking through.

scaffold rental, scaffolding rental, shoring rental, PA, NJ, DE, MD

And on the inside, Superior used their hi-load shoring frames with aluminum joists to support the bar joists.

scaffold rental, scaffolding rental, shoring rental, PA, NJ, DE, MD

How about that?  I just realized that I’m going to have to do a post just dealing with scaffold terminology.  Kind of like the urban dictionary for scaffolding.  I’ll get to that so you all know what 20 Kip means, and what Bar Joists are, etc.

Anyway, the job went swimmingly and the client was thrilled.  And I am happy to report that there were no Beetlejuice sightings or random appearances of needle beams either.

Needle beam, needle beam, needle beam….


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Shoring up the Ben Franklin Museum, Philadelphia, PA

The new Benjamin Franklin museum just off of 4th & Market in an area known as “Franklin Court” is under way.  This will be Philadelphia’s newest exhibit about Ben Franklin and when completed, the new Benjamin Franklin Museum will be underground!

The exterior or top of the Benjamin Franklin Museum.
Ben Franklin Museum – new concrete slabs and support steel.

Yes, an underground museum.  And that’s all well and good but it posed some real challenges when it came time to do the expansion.  You just can’t take a hundred and fifty year old building and slap a bunch of exhibits inside.  You need a complete redesign to support the architect’s vision.  And that exactly what they got.

If ever you wanted to see what shoring actually does – this is the time.  You can clearly see the work going on above the shoring and below the shoring.  It always amazes me at the sheer weight that these post shores can hold when you take in consideration the cement and steel necessary to make a job like this happen.

Beneath the concrete slabs you can see the shoring necessary to hold up the new steel and cement.

This was an extensive demolition of an old structure to open up the building.  Walls had to be removed, ceilings had to be shored up so new steel and concrete could be poured to support the new additions.

The view from below the concrete pour going on above in the first shots.
Another view from the basement.

15” thick Concrete slabs were poured and giant concrete beams were brought in to help support the weight.  That was probably the biggest challenge on the job.  The steel was so long it took several cranes and expert crews to get them in through the alley and into place.  Superior Scaffold shoring guru, Bob Robinson, had to calculate all of the weight loads so the proper equipment could be utilized and the work done safely and up to code.

The underneath shot.
What’s going on above the shoring.

Some of the concrete beams in the new design were 36” wide X 42” deep and spanned 42 feet  column-to-column!

When it’s all done, the exhibits will be divided up into different rooms that reflect various aspects of his personality and his life.  The museum will feature interactive displays exploring his life as a private citizen and statesman through individual, room-like installations. The library is intended to be the culminating experience.  Other 21st century additions to the underground museum include interactive elements like touch screen kiosks, a computerized version of Franklin’s glass armonica a musical instrument employing glass and water to create sound, and two-minute animated vignettes designed to help visitors understand critical turning points in Franklin’s life.

A clear view of the shoring necessary to support the work going on above.

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