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Creative Scaffolding Solutions at Eisenhower Middle School, Norristown, PA

We get this call quite a bit.  And even though it’s a smaller job, we wanted to show you what can be done when there doesn’t not seem to be an easy solution.

The good people at Eisenhower Science and Technology Leadership Academy were installing a new HVAC unit and couldn’t figure out how to make the tie-in at the top safely using their ladders and scissor lifts, so they called Superior Scaffold.

scaffold solutions, scaffold rental, scaffolding rental, 24 hour emergency service,

Superior estimator and creative guru, Pat McAndrew, quickly devised a solution that put system scaffolding on either side of the unit and then added an access ladder and 2 decks for workers on the top so they could span the section across the apex of the HVAC unit.  Crews were then able to safely tap into the duct work up top and then down into the HVAC unit itself.

It looks simple, but trust us, it takes an expert designer to devise a safe and simple solution like this.

Call Superior Scaffold (215) 743-2200 when you need creative scaffolding solutions.

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Amazing uses for scaffolding. Calpine energy turbine repair.

Every now and then, a really cool use for scaffolding comes across my desk, and this is one of those times.  Maybe I’m just genuinely curious as to how stuff works but I thought I’d pass this along.

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This is the top of giant electric turbine at the Calpine Energy, Delta, PA power plant.   The plant is a state-of-the-art, combined cycle, power generating plant powered mainly by natural gas.  The plant consists of 8 electric generators – and these photos are of one of those turbines!  Basically, these gigantic turbines spin around at amazing speed to produce electricity for cities and towns.

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Calpine called Superior Scaffold out to construct support scaffolding around one of the giant Siemens V84.2 turbines so the top could be removed and stored while work was done inside.  As you can see from the photos, just the top of the turbine is enormous.  Once inside the turbine, crews had to pull the entire thing apart to find the problem.  Once that was addressed workers had to reassemble the entire unit – but this time they welded counter weights on the turbine to keep it spinning up to a tolerance factor of 1000th of and inch.

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It always amazes me at the different uses for scaffold – and this is just another in a long list of cool applications.

For a more technical description of how their plant converts energy read this blurb from their website.

The plant works like this:  Steam for the steam turbines is generated in heat recovery steam generators – unfired boilers that get their heat from hot gas exhaust leaving the gas turbines. The combustion turbines, which primarily burn natural gas, can also run on low-sulfur diesel fuel oil. When combined, these two power cycles (the gas turbine and the boiler/steam turbine) create a highly fuel-efficient plant, consuming significantly less fuel than needed by a traditional fossil-fired boiler/steam turbine generator plant.  This conversion spins the turbines which in turn convert steam into electricity for Delta, PA customers.

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A unique before and after look at Boathouse Row repair, Philadelphia, PA

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Superior Scaffold at Bachelors Barge Club (Est 1853), Philadelphia, PA.

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Bachelors boathouse #6, (built in 1893) is repairing part of the exterior of their house on Philadelphia’s historic Boathouse row.   Superior provided canopy protection for the side of the building while erecting system scaffold above – so crews could get access to the spots that needed repairing without hindering daily operations.

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This is a unique opportunity to see a before and after view of the repair process.  As you can see in the first series of photos taken by Superior estimator, Pat McAndrew, there are large cracks in the facade of the structure.  And you can see just where they are located on the building and where crews will have to get access to affect repairs.

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It’s Pat’s job to estimate the amount of man and materials it will take to finish the repairs.  And in many instances, it’s also his job to configure the best scaffolding approach to access the job.

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Here, he chose 767 Philly frames to construct a canopy (sidewalk shed) over the entryway so Bachelors members could use the building on a daily basis while work continued overhead.  This is a great way to keep business as usual for the buildings being worked on while creating a very stable platform for the work crews to complete their tasks above.

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Pat also chose a series of system scaffold on top of the canopy to create different levels, in essence, for better access.  He also added a hoist and access ladders on the ends giving the scaffolding two separate levels.  It’s all very stable and easy to get equipment up and down.

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We will provide you with the finished photographs once the work is complete.

If you need an estimate for anything scaffold related (scaffolding, scaffold services, shoring, facade work, inspection) just give Pat a call.  He’s one of the best in the business.  (215) 743-2200.

A brief history of Bachelors Barge Club.

The club originally housed its boats in a wooded shack on the north side of the Schuylkill River constructed for the imposing sum of $67.85.  Today its over 150 members row out of a stately brick boathouse constructed in 1893 on the original site, now known as #6 Boathouse Row.  The boathouse is also home to four high school rowing programs and the Wharton Graduate Crew.

Bachelors Barge has hosted high school rowing on a continuous basis since 1948 when Lower Merion initiated a rowing program.  Lower Merion was subsequently followed by Harriton High School, The Baldwin School, and Conestoga High School in that order.  Wharton Graduate is the most recent tenant to join Bachelors Barge however they have historical ties to the club going back to 1864 when George W. Wharton was an active member.

Home of Drexel crew.

Boathouse Row is a historic site located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the east bank of the Schuylkill River, just north of the Fairmount Water Works and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It consists of a row of 15 boathouses housing social and rowing clubs and their racing shells. Each of the boathouses has its own history, and all have addresses on both Boathouse Row and Kelly Drive (named after famous Philadelphia oarsman John B. Kelly, Jr.).

How to adapt existing system scaffold (Thomas Jefferson University Hospital)

Even the best laid plans get interrupted from time to time.  So was the case at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

The Alumni Hall building on the Jefferson University Hospital campus in Center City has been undergoing some changes to the HVAC system.

Superior Scaffold was called out to install scaffolding on the 6th floor rooftop spanning the entire 42 foot long section of roof all the way up the the 9th floor so workers could get up to make piping tie-ins and add insulation.

The scaffolding was in place and functioning well when one of the contractors determined that he needed to get directly beneath one of the supporting legs of the scaffolding to install a new rooftop HVAC unit.  Normally, not a problem but this was directly in the middle of the already assembled and functioning scaffold – and to make matters worse – it was beneath one of the supporting legs.

So the call went out to Superior’s 24 hour emergency services line and within hours they came up with a solution.  See the reconfigured scaffolding below.

You can see how the weight was redistributed to free up the room for the new unit to be installed beneath the scaffold while still allowing work to continue safely overhead.

Who says you can’t adapt an already built system scaffold?

Superior Scaffold at (215) 743-2200 is the best at what they do.

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Superior Scaffold helps install innovative solar array over Camden County Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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In a first of a kind move, the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA) of New Jersey embraced the growing need for renewable energy by installing a giant array of solar panels over the Camden, NJ water treatment plant.  The panels will provide enough power to run the day-to-day operations of the plant (producing more than 2.2 million kilowatt hours each year in energy offsetting production costs.)

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These arrays will enable the company to become more cost efficient and reduce the carbon footprint needed to treat wastewater.

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The Challenge

Superior scaffold’s challenge was to devise a way for the crews to install the 7,000 solar panels over the large aeration and sediment tanks WHILE the plant remained operational.  Superior’s crew (headed by Kenny Foreman) and groSolar decided to incorporate a series of aluminum beams and plywood decking that would provide platforms over each series of tanks to erect their solar arrays.

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“Once the panels and their supports are permanently installed, the decking system can be easily moved over the next tank in a leapfrog type endeavor,” said Superior’s estimator, Anthony Pini.

Here is what the final product looks like.

Grow Solar, Superior Scaffold, Scaffolding, Service, Support, Rental, (215) 743-2200

Grow Solar, Superior Scaffold, scaffolding, sales, service, support, rental, (215) 743-2200,   Superior Scaffold, scaffolding, Sales, rental, support, service (215) 743-2200

Many wastewater treatment plants are in a unique position to be able to take advantage of solar power because of their large physical size that often includes many unused acres.  Superior is thrilled to help the Camden County MUA realize this potential.  The County Regional Wastewater Treatment System treats the sewage discharged every day from properties in Camden County. The Camden County MUA treats 58 million gallons (220 million liters) of sewage per day at their two plants.

Camden County is located in the southwestern portion of New Jersey, across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. Burlington, Atlantic, and Gloucester Counties border Camden County on the north, east, and south. The County is 226 square miles in area, with a population of about 500,000. There are thirty-seven municipalities in Camden County.

Superior Scaffold was called in to assist with the renovations of the historic Strawbridge & Clothier building in downtown Philadelphia.  The 100 year-old building was once the worlds largest dry goods building.  Over the years it has sat in disrepair until they decided to bring it back to it’s former glory.  They new center will be home for 100 businesses as 1000 residential units.  They are doing a superb job of keeping the old style while giving the new structure nice upgrades.

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The bank of 20 elevators, yes, I said 20 elevators, wow, are a glorious site to see, however, only 10 will remain in service.  The other shafts will be used for vents, electrical, plumbing and other things.  It’s really a smart use of space.

Superior was called in to help assist crews working in the elevator shafts.  Aluminum beams were placed across the open shafts on specific floors and then planked so crews could work inside the actual shaft.  The units were moved up each floor as needed.

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Shoring, scaffolding

215 743-2200

I just find it fascinating the ways crews can use scaffolding to access different parts of jobs, all kinds of jobs, large and small.

Okay – now I know you are probably asking yourself why on earth are we blogging about this?  And you have a point – but when you see the scope of the renovation that Ray Starzman and Chase Building Group undertook for this exterior re-invention, you will understand.  Just look at the pictures.


Not only did Superior Scaffold provide the many system scaffolds all around the residence, but they also did an entire enclosure on the house while the work was going on!  This kept the debris trapped and the workers very happy during the cold winter months.  It also provided a nice barrier for the owners, who inhabited the house the entire time.

Superior used a custom designed system scaffold to give the workers maximum stability and protection while working on the renovation.  They were required to access the three stories from the ground level all the way to the roof.  This section here is the 3 stories above the garage.


Even though it’s not your typical industrial scaffolding job it’s still a challenge to build the best system possible.  Here is a picture (from the back) of what the rest of the house will look like once the renovations are complete.  This section already underwent a re-facing.  When all of the landscaping is finished, this house will be a real stunner.

It should be an incredible looking house, once completed.  We will follow up with some pictures of the completed project.  So now you can say, “hey, I saw the famous movie director, M. Night Shymalan’s old house!”  It just goes to show, now matter how large or small, industrial or residential, Superior Scaffold can deliver the goods.