September 2019

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Tommy can you hear me? Shoring parking garage at ACME Markets

How do you help a customer that needs to support the top deck of a parking garage while they repair a cut tension cable and repave? You do what super Superior Scaffold estimator Tommy (can you hear me) Creighton did and that’s erect three system scaffold shoring towers to support the structure. Holy moly, you try saying that sentence three times really fast. The real challenge of this job was making sure that the areas that needed support were shored up so the folks at Structural Maintenance Systems could do their work. Thanks to Alternate Design Solutions for their calculations to make...

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Fishy, fishy, fishy, fish – Wahoo’s, Swings, Overhead Protection System & Canopy Extravaganza

I love it when a client takes something that might not really belong at their location and makes it their own. That’s just what the good people at Wahoo’s on Chestnut Street did. Life gave them tilapia and they turned it into tuna. Look at how they added their own decorative touches. Now, this wasn’t a walk in the park for our “King of Swing”, Bob Sarkisian, either. Watts Restoration was doing a total revamp of the exterior of building at 3180 Chestnut St. and needed a way to keep the pedestrians and the customers at the outdoor dining area safe while they...

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