March 2020

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Market Street Men of Steel – Cantilever Scaffold

The new owners of 1101 Market St. wanted to make some changes to the entryway and needed to give crews access to a hard to reach area. This section is literally cut into the entrance to the Aramark Tower (now the Jefferson Center) four stories up. Superior Scaffold was called in by GC, Clemens Construction, to create a cantilever scaffold where the base would sit inside the lobby of the building but would allow crews to work out under the section extruding from the building. Our cantilevered work deck had to support everyone from iron workers putting in the new steel,...

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Scaffolding & Shoring – Working at the Car Wash

Everyone knows that I like to bring the cool jobs to light no matter how large or small they might be, and this one certainly fits. It’s pretty amazing to think that this car wash works around the clock 365 days a year. I had no idea that this rental car company (at Philadelphia International Airport) washed so many cars in a month.  It's non stop!  I guess it makes sense with cars constantly being rented and turned back in. If something were to happen to the building it would be nearly impossible to shut it down for repairs. Well, that’s exactly...

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