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Reading Terminal Market (East Side) An intricate maze of scaffold

This is one of those jobs that blows my mind. It’s not huge, but it took a lot of ingenuity to get it done.  Premier Building Restoration is renovating the entire exterior of the Reading Terminal Market and this side has been challenging, to say the least.  We won the prestigious GBCA Scaffold Project of the Year award for our work a little to the left of this job.  You can read all about it here.  In that job, we had to create a suspended scaffold rig that sat on the parking garage next door.  On this job, we had to erect...

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Suspended scaffold, canopy and more at 510 N. Broad

From a hole in the ground to a new mixed use apartment complex.  LVL North, at 510 N Broad, offers an artful blend of stylish apartments and luxury living.  At least that’s what their website says. No matter how you say it, this complex situated in Philadelphia’s “avenue of the arts” neighborhood will certainly create some buzz when it’s completed. Superior Scaffold was called in early on this project by GC, Clemens Construction, to give access support along the way.  We started with a stair town in the hole when they broke ground and then erected a canopy/overhead protection system all the...

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Mission Impossible: Scaffolding the Dome on top of the Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City

Ahhhhh, so here we are, 33 stories above the famed beach at Atlantic City.  On top of the world-famous Tropicana Atlantic City, Boardwalk Hotel & Casino.  Did I say on top?  I believe I did.  And not metaphorically either, but physically.  Why, you ask?  Well, today we are showing you one of those insanely crazy suspended scaffold designs that Superior Scaffold’s, Bob Sarkisian, came up with to solve a problem. And let me be the first to say, “this job looks much easier than it really is.”  If my boss would let me fly a drone or pilot a small helicopter like...

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There is no i in team

I’ve been watching a lot of Rick Beato videos lately.  He’s the guitar guru who breaks down the coolest songs on the planet lick by lick.  His enthusiasm is priceless.  Even if you don’t understand the music theory it’s just fun to watch his facial expressions. Like a great song, it’s the collective entirety of the band that collaborates to make one cohesive, emotional, awesome piece.  And our scaffold team is no different. I shot the photos of this job and thought about the different elements that came together to make it work. The first thing that came to mind is that...

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Bridging the Future

These two pedestrian bridges span Convention Avenue and connect the brand new patient Pavilion to the existing Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine – permanently linking two of the most advanced medical facilities on the campus of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. They will allow patients and doctors to cross easily between the two. We had a huge hand in dismantling the old building where the Pavilion now sits. (read about it here)  We also worked with Penn Medicine several times on the new building construction (read here) so it was only fitting that when CM, LF Driscoll, Balfour Beatty JV,...

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The Quiet Beatle

In these uncertain and trying times, we at Superior Scaffold Services are doing everything possible to insure the safest and most effective way to erect your scaffold job.  We follow all of the ever-changing CDC, OSHA, and GBCA safety recommendations and pass each certification so that we can provide you the safest, up to date solutions. Alas, the world is a-changin’.   So, I thought to myself, how could I do my part to keep everyone safe in these troubled times.  And then, BAM!  It hit me.  The best thing I could do is blog about jobs that took place BEFORE COVID19!  Woo Hoo. ...

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Scaffolding St. Agatha – St. James Church, 38th and Chestnut

Working on St. Agatha - St. James Church at 38th and Chestnut is one of those rare opportunities where we get to help renovate an historic landmark. St. James was the first Catholic Church on the west side of the Schuylkill River, founded 1850. St. Agatha, 3813 Spring Garden Street, was founded shortly thereafter in 1865. In 1976 after St. Agatha suffered a second fire the two churches were incorporated into St. Agatha-St. James.  So what does it take to be able to work on an historic structure like this? It takes skill, patience, customer service, more skill, and the ability to adapt...

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Fishy, fishy, fishy, fish – Wahoo’s, Swings, Overhead Protection System & Canopy Extravaganza

I love it when a client takes something that might not really belong at their location and makes it their own. That’s just what the good people at Wahoo’s on Chestnut Street did. Life gave them tilapia and they turned it into tuna. Look at how they added their own decorative touches. Now, this wasn’t a walk in the park for our “King of Swing”, Bob Sarkisian, either. Watts Restoration was doing a total revamp of the exterior of building at 3180 Chestnut St. and needed a way to keep the pedestrians and the customers at the outdoor dining area safe while they...

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Multiple access units at Parkway Condominium Complex, 2601 Pennsylvania Ave.

Like many of the older buildings in Philadelphia this one needed a total masonry restoration. After years of being exposed to the elements parts of the masonry needed to be cleaned, repaired and even replaced. You’ve seen many of the before and after photos on our blog and it’s just truly amazing what these crews can do to revitalize and preserve an old building. Sometimes they make it look better than brand new. Joseph Dugan, Inc is one of the finest in the business and we are always proud to provide them with the equipment necessary to revitalize these older structures. When it...

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