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There is no i in team

I’ve been watching a lot of Rick Beato videos lately.  He’s the guitar guru who breaks down the coolest songs on the planet lick by lick.  His enthusiasm is priceless.  Even if you don’t understand the music theory it’s just fun to watch his facial expressions. Like a great song, it’s the collective entirety of the band that collaborates to make one cohesive, emotional, awesome piece.  And our scaffold team is no different. I shot the photos of this job and thought about the different elements that came together to make it work. The first thing that came to mind is that...

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Scaffolding the bridge of sighs

Somewhere deep in the center of New Jersey, in the “Blueberry Capital of the World” is a bridge being reconditioned to transport the masses to worlds unknown.  Now, I could have gone two ways on this one: Monty Python and the Holy Grail – “Answer me these questions three…” or “Why so unforgiving and why so cold?  Been a long time crossing bridge of sighs…”.  Either way, you are looking at bridges with historical (or farcical) significance.  I chose the latter, Bridge of Sighs, that actually existed.  Ponte dei Sospiri, is an enclosed bridge in Venice, Italy that passes over the...

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Romancing the Renovation

“Overlooking beautiful Diamond Beach on the quiet side of town, ICONA Diamond Beach Resort offers the perfect NJ vacation location: directly on one of the only private beaches in New Jersey. Also, one of only a few hotels in the Wildwood Crest area open year-round, this upscale Jersey Shore resort delights with sparkling clean, “feel-the-ocean-air” interiors by celebrity designer Blanche Garcia, spacious suites with galley kitchens, and beach attendants who set up chairs and umbrellas and serve fresh cocktails and delicious bites right on the beach." I don’t know who wrote that brilliant first paragraph from the ICONA website but they...

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Bridging the Future

These two pedestrian bridges span Convention Avenue and connect the brand new patient Pavilion to the existing Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine – permanently linking two of the most advanced medical facilities on the campus of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. They will allow patients and doctors to cross easily between the two. We had a huge hand in dismantling the old building where the Pavilion now sits. (read about it here)  We also worked with Penn Medicine several times on the new building construction (read here) so it was only fitting that when CM, LF Driscoll, Balfour Beatty JV,...

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Power Scaffold for a power couple – The Powel House

When you have visitors like Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and George & Martha Washington at your house – it’s important to keep up appearances.  And that’s exactly what the Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks is doing.  The entire facade from woodwork, masonry, roofing and windows is being renovated to make this luxurious mid Georgian 18th century mansion look its best. Superior Scaffold has a reputation for being the go to company for historic structures in the tri-state area.  Our crews are highly trained and take the best precautions to leave the site exactly as we found it.  The Powel...

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Construction Today Magazine features Superior Scaffold at Swarthmore College

The GBCA featured articles about how companies are adapting to the new COVID-19 world. Inside the magazine Superior Scaffold detailed how they worked with GC - Skanska, and all of the subs to accommodate the new and ever changing COVID-19 regulations. Click on either image to be taken to a large, readable, special pdf.  Thanks again to the GBCA and Construction Today Magazine for featuring Superior Scaffold and fellow member companies. And with all of the political craziness at full force this week I thought this song most appropriate.  Enjoy.   #scaffold #scaffolding #rental #rent #superiorscaffold #restoration #inspection #construction #facade #masonry #canopy #protection #howto #erection...

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Scaffold Artists at Bryn Mawr College

Years of designing, imagining and building has literally created a concrete playground of unlimited potential - and it’s taken the minds of our scaffold erectors to see it. Where stands architectural grandeur to the public eye – lies a concrete jungle to the guerrillas of the steel and stone.  Super heroes and artists do in fact inhabit the earth – maybe not in the forms you are used to seeing but in the sheer ability to see unique challenges and opportunities to scale buildings everyday. Staring through the stone arches at a maze of metal and brawn climbing the rock, once inhabiting...

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Swarthmore College, Scaffolding Maxine Frank Singer Hall

This job started before the COVID-19 pandemic and was put on hold, like most construction in Pennsylvania. And when we came back to work – it was a NEW WORLD out there. Like everyone, we’ve had to adapt and adopt a new way of doing business.   New regulations to prevent the spread of the virus on construction sites are now the norm. So much so, that when the Governor gave the go ahead for construction again we were called to install a second stair tower on the opposite end of this giant scaffold to follow the state’s new guidelines for...

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Market Street Men of Steel – Cantilever Scaffold

The new owners of 1101 Market St. wanted to make some changes to the entryway and needed to give crews access to a hard to reach area. This section is literally cut into the entrance to the Aramark Tower (now the Jefferson Center) four stories up. Superior Scaffold was called in by GC, Clemens Construction, to create a cantilever scaffold where the base would sit inside the lobby of the building but would allow crews to work out under the section extruding from the building. Our cantilevered work deck had to support everyone from iron workers putting in the new steel,...

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Scaffolding & Shoring – Working at the Car Wash

Everyone knows that I like to bring the cool jobs to light no matter how large or small they might be, and this one certainly fits. It’s pretty amazing to think that this car wash works around the clock 365 days a year. I had no idea that this rental car company (at Philadelphia International Airport) washed so many cars in a month.  It's non stop!  I guess it makes sense with cars constantly being rented and turned back in. If something were to happen to the building it would be nearly impossible to shut it down for repairs. Well, that’s exactly...

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