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Reading Terminal Market (East Side) An intricate maze of scaffold

This is one of those jobs that blows my mind. It’s not huge, but it took a lot of ingenuity to get it done.  Premier Building Restoration is renovating the entire exterior of the Reading Terminal Market and this side has been challenging, to say the least.  We won the prestigious GBCA Scaffold Project of the Year award for our work a little to the left of this job.  You can read all about it here.  In that job, we had to create a suspended scaffold rig that sat on the parking garage next door.  On this job, we had to erect...

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Scaffolding Drexel University Main Building – The “Great Court”!

This building is a fantastic example of old world craftsmanship. Completed in 1891 it features some the coolest artwork on the 35 foot tall archway entrance to the main building on Chestnut Street – known as the “Great Portal”.  Just look up and you’ll see 12 relief medallion portraits of leaders in their various fields, from Galileo to Newton, forever emblazoned on the building’s Italian Renaissance stucco representing the wide of array of disciplines taught at the university.  Now, with that said, we are doing work on the inside of the main Drexel University building on the Great Court that still...

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Spring Garden Street bridge, hanging bridge platform

Here is a really cool and really long hanging bridge scaffold job on the Spring Garden Street bridge in Philadelphia, PA.  It’s a 690 foot-long highway bridge that crosses the Schuylkill river below Fairmont Dam.  It connects West Philadelphia to the Philadelphia Museum of art and Benjamin Franklin Parkway.  It is the fourth bridge at this location. I’m going to put a link to the history of the bridge because it’s fascinating how many different structures have been built there since 1812.   The Spring Garden Street Bridge and its sister bridge, The Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Bridge, opened in 1966 to...

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Scaffolding Four Falls – Cantilever, transport platform, work deck and more…

So, you’re sitting on the Schuylkill, just near the Conshohocken exit and what do you see?  Traffic, of course, but what else?  If you glance to the West you’ve probably seen the Four Falls office building shrouded in scaffolding and black netting.  If you took the GBCA Fall Protection Competent Person Training, you’ve been in the building. Just a normal day at the office for the Superior scaffold builders, right?  Well, from the highway it sure looks that way but in reality it’s an entirely different story.  One that starts in the bowels of the building and juts out over the stream...

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Scaffolding the bridge of sighs

Somewhere deep in the center of New Jersey, in the “Blueberry Capital of the World” is a bridge being reconditioned to transport the masses to worlds unknown.  Now, I could have gone two ways on this one: Monty Python and the Holy Grail – “Answer me these questions three…” or “Why so unforgiving and why so cold?  Been a long time crossing bridge of sighs…”.  Either way, you are looking at bridges with historical (or farcical) significance.  I chose the latter, Bridge of Sighs, that actually existed.  Ponte dei Sospiri, is an enclosed bridge in Venice, Italy that passes over the...

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Bridging the Future

These two pedestrian bridges span Convention Avenue and connect the brand new patient Pavilion to the existing Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine – permanently linking two of the most advanced medical facilities on the campus of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. They will allow patients and doctors to cross easily between the two. We had a huge hand in dismantling the old building where the Pavilion now sits. (read about it here)  We also worked with Penn Medicine several times on the new building construction (read here) so it was only fitting that when CM, LF Driscoll, Balfour Beatty JV,...

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Reading Terminal Swing Solutions

When Premier Building Restoration needed access the to the side of the Reading Terminal Market building for restoration, they realized they had a big challenge on their hands.  There wasn’t much room and the lower roofs didn’t have the structural steel to support a big scaffold, or any scaffold for that matter. To top it off, the dome-like curved roof and jutting cornice wouldn’t allow traditional roof rigging. So how could they get their crew to the facade of the Reading Terminal Market to restore windows, masonry, pointing, caulking, you name it? They called Superior Scaffold. And as Bob, “King of Swing”, Sarkisian was...

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Scaffold Artists at Bryn Mawr College

Years of designing, imagining and building has literally created a concrete playground of unlimited potential - and it’s taken the minds of our scaffold erectors to see it. Where stands architectural grandeur to the public eye – lies a concrete jungle to the guerrillas of the steel and stone.  Super heroes and artists do in fact inhabit the earth – maybe not in the forms you are used to seeing but in the sheer ability to see unique challenges and opportunities to scale buildings everyday. Staring through the stone arches at a maze of metal and brawn climbing the rock, once inhabiting...

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Superior is on the cover of SA Magazine for Sphinx Move!

  This was such a unique job!  I'm glad that the Scaffold & Access Magazine put it on the cover for all to see. Click on any of the photos to read the full article. Thanks to Cathee and the SAIA for all of the great work.  And thanks to Mr. Patrick, the Geetar Man, McAndrew for all of his help on this job. And if you need to move the immovable - call Superior Scaffold at (215) 743-2200 today or visit   Today's musical selection is for the boss and comes from the boys in Alice in Chains.  Enjoy.     #scaffold #scaffolding #rental #rent #superiorscaffold...

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Superior Scaffold in the latest issue of ALH Magazine

Access, Lift and Handler's, Lindsey Anderson investigates the affect COVID-19 is having on the MCWP (mast climbing work platform) and hoist markets.  Superior's very own, estimator extraordinaire, Tony P, lays it out in simple terms, "adapt and keep moving." Read what else he has to say by clicking on any of the photos for a high resolution version. Thanks to Lindsey and her crew at ALH for putting together such a great article. Let's rock! [embed][/embed]       #scaffold #scaffolding #rental #rent #superiorscaffold #restoration #inspection #construction #facade #masonry #canopy #protection #howto #erection #install #emergencyservices #masonry #suspendedscaffold #mastclimber #canopy #philly #philadelphia #pa #electrical #pa #de #nj #ny #md...

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