Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Superior offers the safest, most advanced, mast climbing work platforms (MCWP) available.


  • When working from the ground up is preferable
  • Supports from 2,000-12,000 pounds (from 2 to 8 times the capacity of a suspended scaffold)
  • Wheelable base unit allows for easy maneuvering and set up
  • Ideal for masonry, windows, steel, siding, painting and more


We provide the following product lines:

Light duty line (MC-10)
Reasons to use light duty line:

  • It’s light-weight and versatile
  • Up to 2000lb capacity
  • Can be set up on a lower roof where weight capacity is an issue
  • Base is mobile and can be set up quickly and easily by two men
  • Mast sections only weigh approx. 80 lbs. allowing the fastest installation times available

MC-10 Mast Specifications (PDF) >

rent mast climber, single mast
rent mast climber, single mast

Heavy duty line (MC-3615)
When you have to get as much as 8,000 pounds on one unit.

  • Ideal for all medium & heavy renovation and new construction jobs
  • Easily installed by two workers with no need for a crank up hoist
  • Mast sections are light compared to other heavy duty climbers only 110 lbs.
  • Maximum height of over 650 feet

MC-3615 Mast Specifications (PDF) >

Ultra Heavy duty line (MC-7000)
One of the largest, fast-travel, Mast Climbing units in the world.

  • Capable of carrying 12,000 pounds on one unit.
  •  Modular design can span up to 115′
  • Ideal for heavy renovation and new construction jobs
  • Maximum height of 590 feet
  • Lifts at 39 fpm

MC-7000 Mast Specifications (PDF) >


For more information on our mast climbers click on the pics below.

rent mast climber, mc-10  Rent Mast climber, Mc-3615  Rent Mast climber, Mc-7000

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