Suspended Scaffold, Swings, Swing Stages

Superior’s electric, air or manually powered swing stages provide a safe and cost effective method for quick access to buildings, tanks, stacks and other structures not normally accessible from the ground.

We provide expert design and installation of suspended work platforms in addition to sales, rentals and service.

When to use suspended scaffolds:

  • Flexibility: It’s easy to change the length of a standard platform (3′ to 72′ long)
    Longer lengths available
  • Capacity: Modular stages are lightweight with load capacity in excess of 1500 lbs
  • Speed: Suspended scaffold motors provide quick access (35’/min)
  • Ease of Assembly: Modular stages are quick and easy to assemble
  • Corners: fixed or adjustable corner sections can be used to follow the contours
    of the structure precisely and allow access within 1′ to 2′ of the working surface
  • Cantilevers: Walk through stirrups allow a platform to extend past the suspension point

A 72′ modular stage can be transported in a pick up truck!

Modular Staging

Modular staging allows for greater versatility. Various configurations can be created using the modular platform sections and decks. Superior has stages that range from 6′ to 60′ (and longer) depending upon the configuration. The staging can be built to almost any desired length with a variety of mounting options including walk-thru and end stirrups.  

Usage: When traditional scaffolding is not practical. The flexibility of the system allows for access to locations not normally reachable. Designed for specialized tasks such as maintenance, repair, installation, high-rise, silos, industrial applications, stadiums, and much more.
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Suspended (Platforms & Rigging)

Platforms can be configured in any shape and size to provide safe access to work areas.
Angled sections are available to follow the contour of the structure. Platforms can be configured in single-point, two-point and multi-point configurations.

1m and 2m work cages.

Two-point is conventional swing staging and can be up to 62’ long.

Allows for Longer platforms
Angled platforms to 90 degrees
Heavier loads.

Allows for work between and under balconies.

Parapet Clamp
Parapet Clamps and roof hooks are the simplest method of rigging on structural parapets.

Tie Back Anchor
Tie back/Safety line anchors for both permanent and temporary installations.

Down Under Beam
The down-under beam will reach 3’ under non structural overhangs like cornices and mansard roofs.

Standard Outrigger
The rolling roof rig (or standard outrigger) allows for the rapid movement of the outriggers to the next drop.

Tilt Up Beam
Tilt up beam stand requires less equipment to be carried to the roof allowing quick set up and lower labor costs for short term jobs like inspections.

Extended Reach Beam
Delivers an increased overhang of up to 11’, with the standard having only a 2’-3’ overhang.

Permanent installations such as davits are a great rigging solution for those repetitive jobs.

Tripod Stand & Pigeon Hole Stand
Spreads the load over the area allowing to rig through a small opening at the top of vessels, elevator shafts, bridges, structural catwalks, etc.

Corner Sections

Fixed and Adjustable Corner Sections
Components can be added in many different configurations depending upon job requirements. It’s the most flexible system available! Here are a few popular items.

Fixed or adjustable corner sections can be used to follow the contours of the structure precisely and allow access within 1′ to 2′ of the working surface. You can choose from a variety of fixed and adjustable corner sections.

Fixed Corners

  • Light weight aluminium construction
  • Mounts to the U-frame with Quickpins
  • Supplied with Guardrails
  • Economical solution
  • Available in 4 separate angles: 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°

Load capacity and configuration tables Regardless of the type used or angle of the corner section, the load capacity of any L-shaped platform is affected.  Click link below for manufacturers configurations and load capacities.

Adjustable Corner Section
The adjustable corner section can form angles from 20 to 90 degrees.

Advantages of Adjustable Corner Sections:

  • Can make corner sections of 20, 30, 45, 51, 60, 72 and 90 degrees in order to make easy angle changes!
  • Manufactured from anti-corrosive steel combined with aluminum components
  • Can be used with a wide variety of platform configurations
  • Can be supplied with a spindle for ease of adjustment (option).
  • Unique in design and construction
  • Makes platform assembly and rigging easier
  • Fits together well with the rest of the suspended platform
  • Assembly by means of quick-pinsThis unique adjustable corner section will replace several fixed corner sections reducing the expense and storage requirements – saving thousands of dollars.

Adjustable Corner Specifications (PDF) >

Stirrup Options

Stirrups attach the hoist to the platform.  Walk-thru stirrups place the hoist outboard of the platform allowing workers to walk past the stirrups (attachment point) unencumbered. It also allows the workers to reach beyond the rigging point.

Walk Thru Stirrup
The tall gooseneck provide maximum platform stability while allowing workers a clear path.

Low Profile Walk-thru Stirrup

Low profile walkthrough stirrups allows the platform to get closer to reach work above the rigging, ie: ceilings, parapets, etc. Attaches scaffold hoists to the Side Frame of an ALTREX or UP-STAGE platform.

End Stirrup
Attaches scaffold hoists to the end of an ALTREX platform.

Double Wide Stirrup
For use when mounting two platforms side-by-side to create a wider work area, or increase capacity or work under overhangs.


Bisomac – Bee Access
The new BISOMAC210 and BISOMAC210L Traction Hoists are the next-generation traction hoist for the new era of ultra-high-rise buildings. Easy to maintain and highly durable, this full-powered, full-featured traction hoist is remarkably compact and lightweight.

  • Tolerant of voltage drops assuring smooth, steady lifting even on very tall buildings
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Maintenance simplified with easy side cover access
  • Fewer parts requiring inspection or replacement
  • Well balanced. Two carrying grips for easy handling
  • Designed to assure foolproof operation and prevent malfunctions

BisMac210 Specifications Sheet (PDF) >



The BISOMAC210A (Air Hoist) is exactly the same as the BISOMAC210 and BISOMAC210L Traction Hoists except it has a pneumatic air motor.  It too is easy to maintain and highly durable.  This full-powered, full-featured traction hoist is remarkably compact and lightweight.

  • Perfect for tank and bridge painters
  • Used where electricity is hard to find or non existent or risk of explosion
  • Great for any industrial application
  • Similar in operation to the BISOMAC210L

BisMac210A (Air Hoist) Specifications Sheet (PDF) >

* Adjustable capacity up to 1,500 lbs.

Power Climber
The PC1, useful in primary construction and for overall maintenance of buildings, towers, bridges, dams, ships, power plants, and similar applications, set industry standards for dependability, versatility and serviceability.

  • Dependable: Simple design keeps electrical and moving parts to a minimum, ensuring high reliability
  • Compact: Fits through a 14 inch opening
  • Low Maintenance: Modular and open design allows for quick, easy inspection and serviceability
  • Self-Reeving: End of wire rope smoothly and quickly reeves through the hoist
  • Breech Loading
  • Load-dependent Design

PC1 Specifications Sheet (PDF) >


The new PC3 offers the most simple, reliable, affordable hoist performance.

  • Easy to Operate, Upgrade, Service, and Handle
  • Proven load-dependent traction system
  • Nearly impossible to jam wire rope
  • Extensive electrical improvements
  • Workers of all skill levels can troubleshoot and fix most problems

PC3 Specifications Sheet (PDF) >

The Astro Hoist is a compact, heavy-duty hoist ideal for use in virtually any suspended scaffolding application.

  • Lightweight and Compact: Fits through an 18 inch opening
  • Quadrant Drive: Minimizes power requirements
  • Self-Reeving: Reeves smoothly and quickly through the hoist
  • Versatile: Multiple lift capacities and power source options
  • Modular Construction: Allows for flexibility of change
  • Dependable: Easy to maintain and lowers down time

Astro Specifications Sheet (PDF) >

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