Wrap, Containment, Nets

1. Netting: Our debris netting is a durable lightweight netting which allows air circulation to improve the working environment for construction personnel. It also protects traffic and pedestrians from falling debris, and considerably reduces rain and wind penetration.

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  • Allows air to pass through
  • Cost effective for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Tried, tested and proven in the toughest of climates
  • Impervious to water absorbtion
  • Unique flame retardant formula available

2. Wrap/Containment Systems: Helps contain dust, water, paint, fumes and other pollutants that could give rise to hazards to people or the environment. Can be securely fastened to almost any structure creating a continuous bonded skin.

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Our system uses clamp on metal scaffold elements designed specifically for wrap/containment systems, with channels for reinforced, fire-retardant poly sheeting, which allow for easy and temporary wrap removal in excessively high winds. Compared to other systems, Superior’s wrap provides:

  • Containment for all types of particulates
  • Better environmental protection
  • Provides a warm environment, increasing worker comfort, productivity and reducing downtime. Avoids detached wrap sheets and emergency call-outs
  • Negative pressure wrap is ideally suited to maintain negative air pressure in hazardous working environments such as asbestos and lead abatement

3.  Man Rated Perimeter Nets: These safety net systems are a retractable netting system that mount directly to the building or structure beneath where the crews are working.  Support poles stick out from the building at an agle and hold a man rated safety net to catch someone if they fall.  They provide added fall protection for workers ABOVE the nets and passive debris protection for workers below. They are great for use during renovation, adding additional floors.

  • Netting systems can be installed on existing structures, new construction, the sides of buildings, etc
  • The retractable netting system allows for flexibility to pull it up or let down
  • Provides added safety to existing active systems no matter the height
  • We custom design and install depending upon project
  • We install and test the system prior to use

For more information on our Man Rated Perimeter Nets please call Superior Scaffold at 215-743-2200.