Christiana Hospital Expansion

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Superior Scaffold tackles difficult Christiana Hospital Expansion in Newark, DE

When Christiana Hospital in Newark, DE decided to expand their South wing they called on trusted masonry experts, Joseph Rizzo & Sons.  But Marc Rizzo, being a good production manager, took one look at this patient and realized that it was a little out of their normal scope – so he called Tony P at Superior Scaffold for assistance.

Superior had to design and build a heavy duty, elaborate shoring system below the main level to hold the load of the entire frame scaffold, all the equipment and crews above it. Marc Rizzo, Tony P, and the engineers at Alternate Design Solutions put their heads together and came up with an answer.  They took the long steel beams and spanned the structural steel of the building so the entire load above would be dissipated through the structural columns of the building and not the roof below.  They then used hi-load shoring frames to support the beams.  It’s really quite an engineering feat. It allowed crews to load men and material onto multiple levels of scaffold at the same time while also giving them complete access to the entire façade.  This in turn saved time and money for the GC and the hospital.

They also realized that frames were the perfect solution because the base was really flat and the height of each deck level worked perfectly to give crews access to every inch of the façade.  They erected a 300’ long X 90’ high X 5’ wide frame scaffold that was decked in at every level.  It also included a 2000 lb material hoist and 3 stair towers so crews could get access from the sides or center.

The second biggest challenge was the scheduling and timing for everything to happen.  Like a good doctor we listened to the patient, anticipated their needs and took action to get the job erected on-time and within budget.

So remember, when you need access to a what might seem like an easy job call the experts at Superior Scaffold today at (215) 743-2200 and they will come out and turn the box upside down and inside out and give you the best solution for the situation.  For more information you can also visit

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