Divine Lorraine, Scaffolding & Shoring

Divine Intervention – Scaffolding & Access of Biblical Proportions!

This abandoned building is coming back to life.  And what I life it’s had.  This has some absolutely fantastic architecture.  Built back in 1892, the Divine Lorraine is going back to its original function – apartments.  Back then it housed some of Philadelphia’s wealthiest residents and soon will again.

Superior Scaffold was brought in as part of the $44 Million redevelopment to provide the scaffolding and shoring support to give crews complete access to the exterior of this 10 story structure.

The plan is to create over 100 luxury apartments and 20,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. 

The West side went up first.  Approximately 120 lineal feet of system scaffold.  It was roughly 128’ high by 120’ long and runs the entire length of the building on Broad St. It’s got a work deck for crews every 6’6”.

Our Scaffold is providing restoration crews access all over the exterior of the building for renovations, repointing, surface cleaning, parapet and soffit work, brick replacement, balcony repair and window painting and replacement.  This entire façade should look incredible once crews are finished. 

We also have shoring underneath the sidewalk on 3 sides.  The West side sits on top of aluminum beams on top of the sidewalk / Canopy and its supported by post shores and hi-load shoring frames underneath where the subway runs along Broad St.  

The courtyard is roughly 90’ long by 80’ high.  But the cool thing is that we couldn’t rest out scaffold on what appears to be the second story roof area because it’s really a false skylight.  So our guys had to bridge the gap with 21’ aluminum beams that rested on the window sills and then erect the scaffold on top of that!  Those large aluminum beams had to come out of windows every 3rd floor because of the weight.

And these are just the highlights!

It’s an amazing project.  You can see all of the photos and get more details here.