Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart

Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart is expanding this old structure in a big way, updating the old 4 story brick school building to a more open-style learning environment. But to do that – they needed to take out most of their support walls and put new steel and concrete in to carry the weight. Normally, not a big deal because you do it one floor at a time.

But this job was doing it ALL AT ONCE… Yes, 4 massive floors of concrete and steel being supported or shored up at once.

Superior Scaffold engineer, Bob Robinson, had to design a shoring system that supported the existing steel and concrete for ALL 4 FLOORS AT ONCE! Crews could then modify and add the new steel and supports needed for the additional weight.

These old buildings once had many rooms and walls that would support the weight of the ceiling/floor above them. Take a look at these pictures and see just how incredible a task it was to support the floors above one another simultaneously.

You can see the bottom floor in the photographs. This was where the bulk of the support weight was being carried from the floors above it. Robinson had to calculate the weight loads and provide the proper shoring equipment necessary to keep this project standing. All of the architectural drawings had to be PE stamped in NJ before the project could begin.