Scaffolding Swimming Pool

Dancing & Scaffolding on Plymouth-Whitemarsh Swimming pool

Dancing on the swimming pool?  What?  Only if you have a retractable hardwood and steel pool cover like back in the day.

And unless you are Jesus, you are going to get wet.  So what, pray tell, do we mean by this statement?  Well, have a look.  Our scaffold geniuses, led by Nick Lazer, erected this massive rectangle of scaffold inside the giant Plymouth-Whitemarsh pool so work crews could tear down the old ceiling and mechanicals.

Our crew delicately worked with the slope of the pool, from shallow to deep end, to provide an amazingly stable “Dance Floor” or work platform for the crew to operate from.  So, you see, you can dance on the swimming pool without divine intervention.

This large 42’ X 75’ system scaffold including steel plank and covered with plywood runs the entire length of the swimming pool.  The top surface or work platform is 16’ above the pool deck.  The biggest challenge was working with the slope of the pool from the shallow end through the deep end.

This is a substantial renovation of the entire pool area including the ceiling, mechanicals, electric, windows, façade and more. It’s all part of the $40 Million revitalization of the entire school and grounds.

It went so well and provide such good access that we are dancing on another pool at Upper Moreland High School. I’ll have pics of that job coming soon.  For all of your scaffold, scaffolding and access needs call Superior Scaffold at 215-743-2200.

For more detailed information on the job read our blog.