Swing Stages @ St. James

All the world’s a stage at the St. James in Washington Square, PA

St. James at Washington Square, Philadelphia, PA

All the world’s a stage at the St. James in Washington Square, PA.  At one time we had 8 suspended scaffolds (swing stages) on the exterior of this 45 story high-rise.  This good looking apartment complex sits along Walnut St. and W. Washington Square and is the 12th tallest building in Philadelphia.

We got crews access to all levels of the exterior for concrete patch work and repainting.  If you look carefully, you will see that the first two stories are designed to look like colonial architecture.

We also erected a system scaffold canopy all around the base of the building giving both pedestrians and delivery access at all times.

They took the nifty idea of decorating the debris panels with their advertisements for the building.  It’s a great idea that more people should ask us about.  Our new internal sign division is set up to help with just that issue.  Call 215-743-2200 and ask for Erik or Shawn.  They will take care of you.

The building has a sparkling new look and will be ready for years to come.

If you’d like to make your world a stage (a swing stage) or need suspended scaffold or even overhead protection like the one you see here call Bob at 215-743-2200.  He will take care of you.

And if you are making your world a stage – you’d better bring these boys along for the ride!  (one heck of a Live album).


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