Superior Scaffold Suspended / Swing Rental Division

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Superior Scaffold Suspended / Swing Rental Division

In the last post we talked about our Scaffold Rental Division – but today we are going to look at our Suspended Scaffold or swing department – which is a part of our Powered Access Division.

Suspended scaffolds or swing stages are often used to provide access and working platforms in the construction, alteration, inspection, repair, refurbishment and maintenance of high-rise buildings, industrial plants, bridges and other large structures.

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Suspended scaffold is ideal for projects where traditional scaffolding is not practical or cost effective.  We carry the Altrex Modular Suspended Platform System that is super flexible and allows for access to the building at many locations simultaneously, allowing work to be done faster and more efficiently.

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Suspended scaffolds  (swing staging, suspended platforms) are great for working safely at heights.

Typical applications for our suspended scaffolds are:

  • Inspection
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Renovation
  • Painting
  • Cleaning
  • Concrete repair
  • Cladding

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Altrex offers solutions for various complex access situations.  With the wide variety of components for the Modular Suspended Platform System many custom-made configurations can be built.   (see above)  The experienced Altrex user can design a platform for safe access to even the most complex contours of any structure and height.  For example maintenance platforms for football stadiums, oil-tankers and silo’s.  (see our blog on adapting to a building’s shape)

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There are a multitude of accessories, such as corner and angle sections, double decker & double width kits that can be used to find a solution for almost any access situation.

Flexibility – The user can build any configuration necessary to fit the structure precisely and allow close access to the working surface.

Compact Transportation and Storage – The modular construction saves space and makes transportation easy.  A complete 40 foot swing stage fits in the back of a small truck!

Light Weight – High capacity – The smart design of the Altrex system results in high load capacities despite its light weight.

Fast Assembly and Disassembly – The complete Altrex platform can be disassembled quickly and without special tools.

Meets or Exceeds the most stringent Safety Standards.

Here are some popular rental items from our Suspended Scaffold (Swing) division.

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We carry the entire Altrex modular staging line and every conceivable part that goes with it.  Check our website or call Bob (215) 743-2200 (ext. 105)

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BisoMac 210 Motor  – Is a super strong hoist that has a 1500 pound capacity and can lift tremendously long platforms.
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PC1 Power Climber Motor – is a light weight, compact hoist that has 1000lb capacity and is perfect for most situations.

Superior Scaffold is an authorized dealer for BisoMac, Power Climber, Sky Climber and Tractel and supports their entire lines of products.

Whatever you have in your fleet we can service and get parts for it.

We also rent a full line of decorator scaffold (painter scaffold, baker scaffold), debris chutes, netting, safety equipment, and much much more.

Go to our website and check it out for yourself or stop by our shop at:

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Or you can download some of our catalogs for your own reference:

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As Dave says, “When it’s time to rent equipment – rent from the best.  Superior Scaffold.”