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Construction Today Magazine features Superior Scaffold at Swarthmore College

The GBCA featured articles about how companies are adapting to the new COVID-19 world. Inside the magazine Superior Scaffold detailed how they worked with GC - Skanska, and all of the subs to accommodate the new and ever changing COVID-19 regulations. Click on either image to be taken to a large, readable, special pdf.  Thanks again to the GBCA and Construction Today Magazine for featuring Superior Scaffold and fellow member companies. And with all of the political craziness at full force this week I thought this song most appropriate.  Enjoy. https://youtu.be/D7xOZVBAWtw   #scaffold #scaffolding #rental #rent #superiorscaffold #restoration #inspection #construction #facade #masonry #canopy #protection #howto #erection...

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Swarthmore College, Scaffolding Maxine Frank Singer Hall

This job started before the COVID-19 pandemic and was put on hold, like most construction in Pennsylvania. And when we came back to work – it was a NEW WORLD out there. Like everyone, we’ve had to adapt and adopt a new way of doing business.   New regulations to prevent the spread of the virus on construction sites are now the norm. So much so, that when the Governor gave the go ahead for construction again we were called to install a second stair tower on the opposite end of this giant scaffold to follow the state’s new guidelines for...

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Swarthmore College, Hicks Hall mural removal

Most of the time when people tell you “out with the old and in with the new” it’s a good thing. Technology has advanced, building practices are more efficient, materials are better – you name it. And they are usually right. But sometimes when you are making that switch something from the past grabs you and holds on. Maybe it’s a memory from an era long gone or maybe the craftsmanship is unparalleled or just maybe there is something unique and one of a kind about it. Which is what we have here. You see, while Swarthmore College was preparing to...

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