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Superior Scaffold takes the podium at World of Concrete (WOC) 2024 – SAIA’s Scaffold Builder’s Challenge

Eight of the biggest, baddest scaffold companies in the United States entered the SAIA’s Scaffold Builder’s Challenge, at the 2024 Las Vegas World of Concrete, to vie for the title of best scaffold builder.  Each company sent a team of four erectors and one captain to compete in a challenge that not only graded for speed but also safety and sound building practices. The challenge was held indoors this year, probably a good thing, because it rained for two solid days in Las Vegas!  Yep.  So much so that many people including myself had flight delays coming into the city.  The...

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Unique Suspended Scaffold Solution, Huntsman Hall, University of Pennsylvania

I was looking for our next blogpost when one of our crew guys mentioned that they just got back from erecting this really unique job at Huntsman Hall at the University of Pennsylvania.  So I had to see for myself. Originally, MPG, who was doing a complete restoration, thought scaffolding could be erected on the second-floor outdoor courtyard and around windows that were narrowly framed by architectural columns. But there was not enough structural support on the lower level of the building, nor enough space between the columns to use traditional scaffolding or a high reach. MPG had floated a bevy...

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Superior Scaffold wins the 2023 GBCA Construction Excellence Award for Best Specialty Contractor!!!!

Each year the best in the business descends upon the city of Philadelphia to compete for top construction project honors.  And this year, Superior Scaffold took home the prize for the Best Specialty Contractor for our scaffolding work at The Dell Music Center. This is a very unique project and you can read the complete blog here. In a nutshell: Superior Scaffold was called in by GC, Bittenbender Construction to help come up with a solution creating 3 free-standing walls around the clamshell shaped stage to hold thick containment wrap in place during winter, keeping the elements out, while they renovated the...

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3 Floating Walls – Dell Music Center – Scaffolding, Containment Wrap & Tie-Down System

When I first walked on site to take the pictures of the Dell Music Center, I was blown away. I have never seen anything quite like the many steel tie-backs, like marionette strings, holding a scaffold down. I had to take a minute and think about all of the engineering and imagine everything that went into this design. As I wondered around the building and saw the other anchors and tie-down methods being employed on 3 sides of the stage it really stood out as something unique. It's not the biggest job we completed last year but it was probably the...

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Superior Scaffold featured in latest issue of Construction Today Magazine

As it turns out, you don't have to be a new app or program or piece of equipment to be innovative.  You just need see things like Bob does.  For years he has tackled some of the most challenging projects up and down the east coast. Bob has the uncanny ability to look at a job, that no one can figure out, and come up with a truly unique way to get it done.  Who is Bob?  Read the article (by clicking any pic) and then see some of his innovative work documented on our blog to find out.   Thanks to everyone...

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Under the Milky Way – Sacred Heart Church Scaffolding

So there’s this really cool church in Bridgeport PA, called Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  But wait, is it in Bridgeport or Swedesburg, PA?  It’s listed as both with the same address in "the Google".  How can this be?  I was confused so I had to do some digging, since my resident historian, Pat, has retired. Turns out, Swedesburg is a neighborhood or village (as they say on Wiki) in Upper Merion Township, PA that lies in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  Whereas Bridgeport, PA is a borough in Montgomery County and only a few miles from Swedesburg.  And Bridgeport, PA is approximately 6...

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We’d like to thank everyone on our team who contributed to making this unique job a success. If you haven’t about the job, click this link, it’s really an interesting project and a unique solution. Thanks to GMI Contractors and GC, INTEC for bringing us along on this project. As always, thanks the GBCA who does an incredible job for everyone in our industry!

Superior Scaffold wins the Best Specialty Contractor at the 2022 GBCA Construction Excellence Awards!

We are proud to be the winner of the GBCA’s 25th Anniversary Construction Excellence Awards for Best Specialty Contractor for our project: Arthouse Monorail, Hoist and Swing System. We’d like to thank everyone on the team who contributed to making this unique job a success.  If you haven’t read about the job, click this link, it’s really an interesting project and a unique solution. Thanks to GMI Contractors and GC, INTECH for bringing us along on this project. As always, thanks the GBCA who does an incredible job for everyone in our industry! Congratulations to all of the winners at the 2022 CEA! And for this...

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Weathering the Storm. Scaffolding 600 N. Campus Dr., Rowan University

This giant facade restoration and coping replacement job at 600 N. Campus Dr at Rowan University weathered the storm and came out looking new again.  What do I mean by that?  It was the end of winter and for some strange reason we got an inordinate amount of rain making parts of erecting this job challenging but as you can see from the photos our guys completed the task and it looks fantastic. Because of the size and shape of the building we scaffolded it, using system scaffold, in three phases.  We started on one end and then worked our way...

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A Christmas Mystery – Bryn Mawr Chimney Scaffolds

I thought it would be fun for you guys to tell me about this job.  The first person who can correctly tell me who this job is for, the GC and the salesman gets some free Superior swag! Superior employees are unfortunately NOT eligible for this Christmas mystery. And if you want to tell me more about the job - feel free.  All I can say is that it looks great, as always. Good luck everyone and have a wonderful Holiday Season. Respond to: info@superiorscaffold.com and put Christmas Mystery in the subject line. And if you need scaffolding, access or solutions call (215) 743-2200 or visit...

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Rowan University, 5 story skylight scaffold and work deck

This is one of those jobs where I think I’ll let the photos do the talking. I will say, that when I went to take pictures, the building superintendent for Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, told me that our guys where extremely accommodating and that he was blown away at how they were able to build a five story scaffold in and around all of the obstacles and still allow students and faculty to get to their locations. [ngg src="galleries" ids="66" display="basic_thumbnail" thumbnail_width="300" thumbnail_height="300" thumbnail_crop="0" images_per_page="32"] I think his comment about sums it up. Thanks to Rowan University and W.J. Gross, Inc. for...

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