Temple University Performing Arts Center Dome Repair

Temple University Performing Arts Center Dome Repair

In the heart of Philadelphia sits an incredible treasure – the Temple Performing Arts Center.   Purchased in 1974 by Temple University the Baptist Temple was designated as historic and a landmark building.  It underwent an extensive remodeling and has since hosted many great performing artists.

Superior Scaffold was called in by Temple University to help with the renovation of the two copper domes on top of the center.  Over the years, the copper had oxidized and the wood beneath had fallen into disrepair. It was Superior Scaffold’s job to get the crews up there to do the renovation.

The first challenge was to fashion a decorative but functional entryway / canopy that not only showed off the grandeur of the classic building but supported the tremendous load of scaffolding above.


“It not only had to allow pedestrians access to the center but it had to look great and allow crews to reach the top to work on the new copper domes,” said Tom Creighton of Superior.


The additional challenge was not to damage any of the decorate artifacts or stonework on the roof.


Superior has more experience working with historic structures in Philly and is the best when delicate items need to be considered. (see Independence Hall)

Superior crews built a super-stable platform extending all the way around the base of the dome and built two work decks above the entire diameter of the domes – allowing renovation crews total access.

The crews had to strip off the decaying copper and rebuild the wood support beneath.

The new domes look amazing and we will post a photo as soon as we can.  Temple University is one of our   favorite clients and we were honored to help with their renovation.

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