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The resurrection of the old M. Night Shyamalan house.

  Judging from the story and the new pics in todays Philadelphia Inquirer piece – the renovation of M. Night Shyamalan’s old house was a smashing success. Superior provided scaffolding support all around the house during the renovation and even tented the entire structure with an enclosure system.   You can see all of the before pics in our blogpost here: To see what Superior Scaffold can do for you – don’t hesitate to call (215) 743-2200 today.     #scaffold#scaffolding#rental#rent#superiorscaffold#restoration#inspection #contstruction#facade#masonry#canopy#protection#howto#erection#install #emergencyservices#masonry#suspendedscaffold#mastclimber#canopy#philly #philadelphia#pa#electrical#2157432200#pa#de#nj#ny#md#rents#sales #design#erection#dismantle#deliver#swingstaging#swings#stages#shoring #USA#nationwide#national...

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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a crane landing platform? (part 1)

A lot of the renovation work at The Sterling House Apartments (18th & JFK Blvd) is being done at the TOP of the building. Updating the fitness center with an additional 1500 square feet, new equipment, personal TV’s, and larger windows with fantastic views of the city. Adding a rooftop social deck with lounge seating, gas fireplace, and glass windscreens all around. They are also doing modifications to the rooftop pool itself. So, the million dollar question is:  How do they get all of the necessary building material up to the top floor without disturbing the tenants or damaging the interior of the building? A BRILLIANT...

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Superior Scaffold Suspended / Swing Rental Division

In the last post we talked about our Scaffold Rental Division - but today we are going to look at our Suspended Scaffold or swing department – which is a part of our Powered Access Division. Suspended scaffolds or swing stages are often used to provide access and working platforms in the construction, alteration, inspection, repair, refurbishment and maintenance of high-rise buildings, industrial plants, bridges and other large structures. Suspended scaffold is ideal for projects where traditional scaffolding is not practical or cost effective.  We carry the Altrex Modular Suspended Platform System that is super flexible and allows for access to the...

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Superior Scaffold ramps up for Toyota at the Philly Auto Show

Toyota set up an indoor track complete with traction ramps, water hazards, sand traps and suspension bumps giving the user the ultimate car buying experience. Patrons are invited to ride along inside the new line up of Toyota vehicles to get a real world idea of how they will perform. Toyota contacted Superior Scaffold to build the ramp that would test the climbing and traction control of their vehicles. We jumped at the chance. The ramp is 8’ high by 14’ wide and 53’ long. ...

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How to add floors to an existing building – high exposure cantilever scaffold

This is amazing to me.  How do you add 3 floors to an already existing building?  You probably haven’t thought about that before.  I know that I hadn’t but the people at Superior Scaffold have many times.  In downtown areas space is a valuable commodity so sometimes the only place to expand is up. But this leaves a myriad of challenges.  The biggest one being how do we do all of the necessary heavy work outside of the building that needs to be done?  Well, by creating working space outside of the area being built. And in this case at the Parc...

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Superior Scaffold doing double duty

In this edition of "Scaffolding Philadelphia" we get to show you how we can do double duty with our scaffolding creations. This particular story was previously documented in the number 1 hit blog "Bend Me, Shape Me" that detailed the versatility of the altrex staging used by our suspeded scaffold division.  But this soon to be number one blog hit "Double Duty" (I can see Foreigner singing the theme song here or since this is a Tony P job - even Journey with Steve Perry) details the lower half of the job at City View. Not  only did this overhead protection have...

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Superior Scaffold hangs a whopper of a job at Seneca Niagara Casino, Niagara Falls, NY

This is a monstor of a job.  We promised some photos and since we, at Superior Scaffold, keep our promises - here they are.   It's hard to believe that this all hangs 40 feet ABOVE the entire gaming room floor while people are hustling and bustling about underneath. They sit above the interior that is the size of 2 full length football fields.     These wings or fingers are 300 and 400 feet long!     What this project entails is getting crews up underneath the ceiling while the casino remains open for business as usual so they can get the...

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Triple the action for Superior Scaffold at the Old Dublin Pike Bridge in Doylestown, PA.

The stone arch bridge was originally constructed back in 1875 and then rehabbed in 1947.  So it was time for a reconditioning - seems that this old bridge still has over 5,000 cars travel over her every day in Doylestown, PA.  Crews needed a way to support the structure and to get into the arches to repair the stones and masonry while keeping the road open above.   This was the challenge for Superior Scaffold.   First order of business was diverting the river through two of the arches so one could be fairly dry while the scaffolding was erected.  Then, once...

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Superior Scaffold and the historical Bausman Memorial United Church of Christ

This neat old church at 1064 Penn Ave, in Wyomissing, PA, that began its life in 1909, needed some repairs to the high vaulted plaster ceilings – so they called Superior Scaffold. [caption id="attachment_1428" align="alignnone" width="300"] Photo courtesy of Ed Reneger[/caption] Superior is known for its skill working with historical buildings and the care it takes around one of a kind artifacts and structures.  This was no different.  We had to construct some cool system scaffolding up, over and around pews, alters, and priceless objects at Bausman Memorial United Church of Christ   The ceiling was divided into sections with flying buttresses, so...

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