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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a crane landing platform? (part 1)

A lot of the renovation work at The Sterling House Apartments (18th & JFK Blvd) is being done at the TOP of the building. Updating the fitness center with an additional 1500 square feet, new equipment, personal TV’s, and larger windows with fantastic views of the city. Adding a rooftop social deck with lounge seating, gas fireplace, and glass windscreens all around. They are also doing modifications to the rooftop pool itself. So, the million dollar question is:  How do they get all of the necessary building material up to the top floor without disturbing the tenants or damaging the interior of the building? A BRILLIANT...

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Shoring up Norristown, PA parking garage – concrete repair

Check out this cool shoring job at the Norristown, PA Main street parking garage in Montgomery County. The concrete beams were deteriorating and needed repair.  Superior Scaffold was called in to shore up 5 floors of the garage so crews could remove and replace the bad sections of concrete.  We shored up the supporting joists with our 2' X 5' Hi Load shoring frames so crews could work on the main cement beams.   The challenge here was that the parking garage only had a clearance of 6 feet so our normal deliver trucks wouldn't fit.   Crews had to unload the Hi-load...

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Superior Scaffold Rental Department: Rent, lease and buy scaffolding

It's true.  We rent just about everything.  Many people know Superior Scaffold as a premiere scaffolding company that designs and implements scaffolding and access solutions for all types for customers and general contractors.  But for those of you who don't know we also have a top notch rental department where you can get all kinds of equipment for just about any project.   Here, let Dave give you a quick run down. So whether you are a general contractor, a do it your-selfer, or a regular scaffolding guru - we have you covered.  I thought I'd feature a few items from frame...

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Superior Scaffold Shoring up the Mid-Atlantic

Can you say needle beam?  I just love that word.  Needle beam, needle beam, needle beam. Did one just appear? It did.  (See the photos below.) That is a needle beam.  I know, like me, you probably thought it would resemble an actual needle but no.  It’s just a term that the engineers like to throw around loosely anytime a beam needs to be put through something for support. Here’s the actual definition of needle beam from the free dictionary:  in shoring, the horizontal cross timber which goes through the wall or a pier, and upon which the weight of the wall rests, when...

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Triple the action for Superior Scaffold at the Old Dublin Pike Bridge in Doylestown, PA.

The stone arch bridge was originally constructed back in 1875 and then rehabbed in 1947.  So it was time for a reconditioning - seems that this old bridge still has over 5,000 cars travel over her every day in Doylestown, PA.  Crews needed a way to support the structure and to get into the arches to repair the stones and masonry while keeping the road open above.   This was the challenge for Superior Scaffold.   First order of business was diverting the river through two of the arches so one could be fairly dry while the scaffolding was erected.  Then, once...

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Temple University Performing Arts Center Dome Repair

In the heart of Philadelphia sits an incredible treasure - the Temple Performing Arts Center.   Purchased in 1974 by Temple University the Baptist Temple was designated as historic and a landmark building.  It underwent an extensive remodeling and has since hosted many great performing artists. Superior Scaffold was called in by Temple University to help with the renovation of the two copper domes on top of the center.  Over the years, the copper had oxidized and the wood beneath had fallen into disrepair. It was Superior Scaffold's job to get the crews up there to do the renovation. The first challenge was...

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Shoring up the Ben Franklin Museum, Philadelphia, PA

The new Benjamin Franklin museum just off of 4th & Market in an area known as “Franklin Court” is under way.  This will be Philadelphia’s newest exhibit about Ben Franklin and when completed, the new Benjamin Franklin Museum will be underground! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] The exterior or top of the Benjamin Franklin Museum.[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] Ben Franklin Museum - new concrete slabs and support steel.[/caption] Yes, an underground museum.  And that’s all well and good but it posed some real challenges when it came time to do the expansion.  You just can’t take a hundred and fifty year old...

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Truly amazing 4 story shoring project in Princeton, NJ

[slideshow] Surprise, surprise, surprise.  I walked into this old building thinking I would find a few dirty post shores holding up a section of calapsing entryway or maybe even a portion of cieling that needed support but what I found was truly amazing. Now, shoring isn't the most glamourus sector of the construction industry - relegated to dusty old basements and haunted houses deep in the underbellies where ghosts and spiders live...

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Shoring up the AAA Mid-Atlantic Headquarters Building, Philadelphia, PA.

Superior Scaffold was called in to provide heavy-duty shoring for the New AAA building conversion into apartments.  And when we say heavy duty, we mean it.  The design for this 4 story building calls for adding an additional 8 FLOORS!!! Wow. The building at 21st and Market (2040 Market) was built in 1968 and was a 5 story structure (including a floor of underground parking) PCM Property Group and their architects Stephen Varenhorst Architects needed the best in the business when they had to shore up the existing structure, remove the old columns and replace them with new, even larger supports. Superior salesman,...

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